Thursday, March 10, 2005

Lori McKenna

Lori McKenna Deep In Thought

Lori McKenna is from Boston and she's another female singer/songwriter. She's definitely got a folky, alt-country kind of vibe which I love. She kind of reminds me of Patty Griffin (check out clips from "Flaming Red" here), who is one of my favorites. Her third record, released in May of last year, is called "Bittertown" and it's got some great tracks. Go to her website to download some sample songs and a featured track. Buy "Paper Wings and Halo", "Pieces of Me" or "Bittertown".


At 7:32 AM, Blogger damien said...

Ahh, here's the post I was looking for! I love her voice. I saw her perform at the Green River Music Festival in 2004. There was a Johnny Cash tribute by all the artists there, and she covered his cover of 'hurt' and it sent chills down my spine. She is very good - I highly recommend 'never be back' from paper wings & halo. Also, if you live anywhere near New Bedford, ma. She is playing on October 14 in a very small coffee shop. There are only 50 tickets being sold, so there may or may not be any left. But try anyway!


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