Monday, January 17, 2005


Stars - Heart

Stars are a great band from New York who currently call Montreal home. You can't get their new record here, but it's been out in Canada since last October. It's great and it's called "Set Yourself on Fire". I fell in love with Amy Millan's voice when I first heard "Elevator Love Letter", the first single off of their last album, "Heart". Amy and Torquil Campbell share vocal duties and are incredibly successful at harmonizing together. If you'd like to buy "Heart", you can get it anywhere online, but I recommend going here, because you can buy "Heart" or "Set Yourself on Fire". Their home page has some songs on it and you can also go here for some samples. If you're a fan of dreamy, infectious pop songs, Stars are the band for you. Buy "Set Yourself on Fire" or "Heart".


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