Sunday, April 17, 2005

Tracy Bonham

Tracy Bonham - Cool Chick

I've loved Tracy Bonham ever since her first record called "The Burdens Of Being Upright" came out in 1996. You might remember the hit single "Mother Mother" from that album. She released another record in 2000 called "Down Here" which is also excellent. Her new cd "Blink The Brightest" comes out on May 10. Check out her official site for audio and video. Her music is rock-n-roll and pop and she has a very distint voice that I love. She's a native of Eugene, Oregon, but spent quite a bit of time in Boston and went to the Berklee School of Music there. She's classically-trained on violin and also plays guitar. Buy "The Burdens Of Being Upright", "Down Here" or pre-order "Blink The Brightest".


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