Monday, March 21, 2005

Fiona Apple

Fiona's Not Really Sleeping

I've been so into the new Fiona Apple record the past couple of days that I'm going to post about her today. I can't imagine that you've never heard of her, but I'll give some background anyway. Fiona's originally from New York and has been playing piano since she was 8. She's a singer/songwriter with a very mature sound. She's 27 now, but got signed to Sony at the age of 18. She released her debut "Tidal" in 1996. Shortly thereafter I saw her in concert and met her briefly even before I listened to the record. She had a pretty huge hit with "Criminal" and gained some notoriety for some things she said in reference to her newfound celebrity. "When The Pawn ..." was released in 1999 and it's even better than "Tidal" (even thought it didn't sell nearly as well). Her most recent album was completed in May of 2003 and it's called "Extraordinary Machine". It's all over the internet and the newsgroups because Sony won't release it. Read about the fan response at Free Fiona. You can go here to download all of the tracks. If you only get one song, get "Not About Love" because it's the best track (although they're all good). Buy "Tidal" or "When The Pawn ... ".


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