Sunday, January 23, 2005

Federico Aubele

Federico Aubele

I'm a sucker for Latin music. Usually, it's Brazilian (there's something about Portuguese that I love), but Federico Aubele is from Argentina, so his songs are sung in Spanish. He's not the singer, though. He plays guitar and has a few female vocalists take care of singing duties. He's definitely a cross-over artist: a hard to define mix of electronica and Latin music with who-knows-what-else thrown in. Check out the videos for "Postales" and "Ante Tus Ojos" from his album "Gran Hotel Buenos Aires". There are song clips at his site as well. Buy the cd.


At 10:57 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What's happenin' hot stuff!? I like your blog. It's perfect for dumbasses like myself who can't remember a band or musician for more than a few seconds. I will now have my own personal music guide (since apparently I have no taste in such things).
One little tip for you. When you make a link, remember to ad the tag
to open the link in a new window so the user doesn't have to leave your blog.

Well now that I said that, I was going to post an example and Blogger says it cannot accept the attribute "TARGET". That's a new feature, dumb bastards!

love and miss you sweetie,
-dumb boy


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