Tuesday, January 18, 2005



George is from Australia and they're difficult to find around here, but you should check them out anyway. They're a bit like Stars, the band I posted about yesterday, in that they have a male and female singer. They tend to separate the singing a bit more with siblings Katie and Tyrone Noonan trading lead vocals on each song. Katie has a beautiful voice that's got an edge and Tyrone reminds me a little bit of Jeff Buckley. If you don't know who that is, you must immediately buy Grace. To check out some tracks from George, go to their sound page. If you like them enough to buy, definitely go for "Polyserena", because it's great. I think it's better than their newer one, "Unity". Buy "Polyserena" or "Unity" from their website (it's not available in the U.S.).


At 7:17 PM, Anonymous frozie said...

good call polyserena is better than unity for sure....but if you can get hold of their earlier EPs they're even better!


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